• Jesumaum Prayer

    Silent retreat. This is spiritual practice deepening personal encounter with Jesus while learning how to pray through lectures, prayers and individual spiritual direction.

  • The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

    The Spiritual Exercises are a creative and flexible programme of prayer centred on the life of Christ. Their purpose is to help you develop a deeper and more active relationship with God and the world.

  • Bible Meditation Retreat

    In the Bible, you are guided to find the signs of vital forces. You are given a meditation lecture and individual spiritual direction.

Spirituality Courses

  • Bible Academy Courses

    This course is a training program that illuminates my life with Scripture. The course is a four-semester, and topics include the connection between God and daily life, the wounds and restoration of love, the wisdom of true life, the habits of the heart, and the ecological conversion.

  • Spiritual Giants

    Learn from the Spiritual Giants in the Church how to build balanced life in contemplation and action.

  • Workshops on Spiritual Discernment

    Dear God, I’d like to know what you want?

  • Workshop for dialogue with vitality

    Reading my daily experience to find the signs of my vital forces and learning to listen others vividly.

  • Inner journey Enneagram

    What is an Inner Journey Enneagram? As a tool of spiritual journey that leaves with the question of ‘who am I?’, it is a program that helps to find <True Me as image of God> through a spiritual approach.

  • Theology of the Body

    Learn more about God's original design for human sexuality and thus the dignity of the human person.

  • Workshop for Peace even with frustration

    Recognizing my counter forces in my frustration experiences and regaining my inner freedom and peace on my right position.

  • The Psychology and Spirituality of Aging

    Learning to recognize the aging experience of an individual. With the integration of psychology and spirituality, the new call of aging will be found in faith.

Formation Programs

  • CPE
    (Clinical Pastoral Education)

    This is a formation program for spiritual care expert to help people in faced with life’s crisis. It is also an education that improves self-understanding, self-care competence, interpersonal communication, and integration of religious life.

  • Workshop for
    Designer and Facilitator

    By attending this program you will learn how to design and facilitate a workshop for your community. Participants will learn six Principles of Persuasion by a certified trainer (CMCT) then apply the learning into designing and facilitating your own workshop.

  • The "Shaking Motherhood"
    of the 21st Century
    (A Special Course for Parents)

    How should we raise our children?
    In the midst of a sick world of crumbling public education and state-of-the-art capitalism, 'the calling of life-rearing' entrusted to mothers. The lecturer presents a true maternal path for this, through vivid and desperate life experiences and deep theological contemplation in everyday life.